Fox photos Copyright 2004 Michael P. Scott

Fox Photos 04/28/2004

Taken from the parking lot of an office park, where there are some woods, a lake, and evidently the foxes become tolerant of people lurking nearby. This family is not particularly shy. Recently I have heard rumors that they are going to be removed the weekend after this photo was taken... I would much prefer this didn't happen, given that the nature park they would be taken to probably already has that ecological niche filled very nicely, thank you. Also concerns about rabies are misplaced. First off, a bait exists that can vaccinate foxes against this disease, thus preventing them from being a danger to humans in this way. Secondly, they are probably controlling the rodent population, which is a much more credable source of disease than foxes.

Vixen and Kits:

Vixen yawns during "cat nap"?!