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Coal Truck at Tennessee Strip mine 05/15/9771,587
Manipulated Infrared Landscape 05/07/9752,578
Infrared Landscape 05/07/97728x493
Ocoee Valley with small cloud 05/14/9726,464
Racoon Mountain Sandstone Closeup 05/14/97108,635

low resolution, highly compressed panorama of a landscape in Rocky Mountain National Park, Early July, 2003. The full image is 3 times taller and wider, by pixel count, and of course, not compressed as badly as this one.This was shot from a trail just past the visitor's center near the summit, when heading west from Estes.
Rocky Mountain National Park. This was shot Southeast to Southsest from the just past the indian trail, and just before Split Rock? I need to consult a map to see if I can name the spot.

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