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Hummingbird Studio
hummingbird wild studio photograph gallery
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many more hummingbird photos below.

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Ohter Bird Photos

Under Construction, barely there, more to come!

One Hour of Unedited
Bird Photography

38 Full resolution photos
Avian models wanted. I will photograph your wild or exotic birds and give you a free print, and/or limited license to a digital JPG file. in exchange for photographing your pretty bird. Particularly interested in raptors, barn swallows, owls, bluebirds, purple martins and other cavity nesters that have an accessable location where I can photograph them as they enter and leave their home. I am an experienced wild bird photographer, and can do this with low stress to your valuable birds. I am also interested in doing portraits of exotic birds.)
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GJS Spring 2007 Hummers
GJS Spring 2007 Other
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Greg and Vivien Spring 2006
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Texas Coast Spring 2006
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Jean Scott's Art
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Jean Scott's Art
Ralph W. Scott's "Birds in Flight" photographs and technical information.
Birds In Flight
R. W. Scott
R. W. Scott's "Birds in Flight" Early negative film photographs, Scanned 2002
Birds in Flight
AZ 2002
R. W. Scott
R. W. Scott's "Birds in Flight" photographs, Spring, 2002
Birds in Flight
R. W. Scott
R. W. Scott's "Birds in Flight" photographs
More Birds in Flight
Posted Oct 2007
R. W. Scott
More R. W. Scott's "Birds in Flight" photographs

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Michael Scott
Vixen and Kits

This image is a drum scan of a 35mm film photo by my father R. W. Scott. The photo was not his top quality, because of an overly complex background, a cardinal vine.
After the scan, I digitally removed the cardinal vine with photoshop, which I was just learning at the time.
At the time I posted it, this was the highest resolution image that I could find anywhere on the internet. My photos with more modern equipment are much sharper than this, and are available for licensing or for prints.
The prints, and a contact button, are available at I have 2 large folders of hummingbird images there.
Because it has been here quite a large time, and because it was the highest quality hummingbird image available at the time it was posted, this is probably the most pirated of my images.
Please request permission before using this image, or any of my images. I just re-edited the image to make the copyright notice obnoxiously prominent. It was very tiny type in the upper right hand corner.

Technical information: how to photograph hummingbirds

Cleaning the CCD Sensor on a Canon D60
Dragon*Con 2003
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