Christmas 2002
Photos and Digital Editing Copyright 2002, 2003 Gregory J. Scott. All shots on this page were taken with a Canon D60 and a 100mm Macro lens. Many shots illuminated with a single Canon 550EX flash mounted on camera.
Notes: Most of these shots are cropped to a 5x7 aspect ratio. Also, these images are "too big" to be viewed all at once in older browsers. Internet Explorer 6.0 sizes images to fit in the browser window, after the image loads. There is a "hidden" icon in the lower right hand corner which allows you to view the image at its full resolution.
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Prep 0198 Cats Eye Tallulah Gorge 0528 Vivien Michael strenuous 0532 Dead Wood
Ohio 0766 Ralph Jean hats 0769 Vivien antlers 0773 Greg Santa hat 0783 Carolina Wren
0786 Michael Moose 0815 Female Cardinal 0840 Blue Jay 0853 Flicker 0877 male Cardinal
0919 Frosty Tater Man 0927 Ralph Mike Michael 0955 Ralph open swiss knife 1025 Michael at window 1029 Carolyn tight crop
1030 Carolyn front 1032 Pat playing piano 1033 Carolyn Brendan 1039 Mike is sharp 1041 Margie Mike
1046 Marj Mike painting 1049 Marj reacts to gag 1051 Marj before kissing Mike 1054 Jean cormac 1058 Pat Carolyn
1059 Marj Mike Vivien 1062 Brendan 1063 Doug amused 1067 Michael 1068 Carolyn hug doug
1069 Doug Carolyn tight crop 1078 Pat in coat twinkling 1079 Lyn Pat in coats 1088 Marj cold
Smoky Mountains 1154 Smokey Mts in snow 1162 Road from state line 1167 Smokey Mt landslide 1215 Bud
Georgia 1226 Michael slinky 1230 Laura 1235 Greg grateful 1239 Michael Cat Sculpture
1242 Vivien Pooh 1247 David Hobbit Box